Thursday, December 15, 2011

labor of love

Being a stay at home mom...I try to make the things I do for my kids special.  I tend to feel guilty about not being a bread winner or at least help with bring income in.  So when I can, I like to help out in Ian's (soon to be Megan's) school.  For his Winter party (I detest having to say that, why cannot we call it a Christmas party anymore?) I had an idea of making Frosty the of those plans that looks better on paper, or at least someone else's website.  Let me back up and say that their party was the first thing in the morning (this is to help support working parents) and knowing that, I thought donuts...breakfasty yet very similar to a cookie.  I cannot have my kid thinking that all school parties are just fruit and muffins. Not that that isn't a good treat. I got the mini powdered sugar donuts, black frosting and used red M&Ms for the nose (Frosty the Snowman has a red nose....look it up if ya'll don't believe me)
Got up extra early, thinking it would probably take me 5 min tops to put a couple dots of frosting and a red M&M in the middle. UMMM NOPE,  I nearly stroked out doing this.  Lesson learned 1) don't try something new right before you need it done 2) frosting doesn't stick easily to powdered sugar 3) wetting the donut helps a lot.
But I did get to use my cupcake holder for the first real time.  The sole purpose of getting it was so I could be the cupcake mama.  Did the kids really care if they all looked the same....NOPE. 

So, what does one do with extra green M&M's?  Wait, no...I have that one covered. ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

rainy day crafts

Since Ian is on Fall break, since it is rainy, and since it is was a craft day for mommy.  Actually all sewing.  I decided to get adventurous and make my own holiday place mats and make some treat bags for Ian's upcoming class party. 
this is what I made today...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Megan's surgery

10 Days ago my little Megan had her tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy preformed.  The decision to have it done wasn't the easiest, but we thought long and hard and had several people recommend it.  Knowing that her chronic throat infections, snoring and sleep apnea would be greatly reduced still didn't make having her go under the knife easier.
Thankfully, my parents postponed their annual late summer/early fall trip to coincide with her surgery. I needed a familiar person to take care of Ian.  Paul and I took her in at 8am for her scheduled 10 am surgery.  Megan, not usually eating too early in the morning worked out in our favor...she gladly got dressed in her red tutu. What?!? Don't you dress up for your surgeries?
Once we got into the actual surgery wing, there was a goody bag waiting for her and a large screen TV with tons of movies to watch,  so we settled down and watched "Tangled" while we waited for her turn at surgery.  The staff was fantastic at Parker Adventist Hospital, (it was also nice that they had a moment of prayer for all the patients in the hospital.  I also liked the painting of Jesus with His hands guiding the surgeon)
One of us was allowed to escort her back to the operating room, Paul really wanted to be the one, but we allowed Megan to choose, so she picked her mommy, she was also allowed to bring in her favorite toy and blanket.  Despite her being allowed to choose flavored gas (she chose grape) she freaked and had to be physically restrained why the anesthesiologist cranked up the gas and put her under.  The sight of that brought me to tears, they allowed me to kiss her goodbye, the nursing staff were all giving me hugs and telling me it was okay to cry but she was in good hands.  Duh, as a nurse I knew that, but as a was the hardest thing to watch.
I rejoined Paul and we headed out to the waiting area, thinking we had oodles of time, we went downstairs for coffee (for Paul) and a run through the gift shop. I found her a ballerina necklace...gotta ease my guilt some how.
By the time we got back to the waiting area, it was all done...we even missed the surgeon.  They wanted to get us back to her prior to her waking up, well that didn't happen. She woke up terrified, (more guilt) her heart rate was nearing 175bpm, and O2 satting at 95 from crying so hard.
She was pretty much still asleep from the anesthesia.  The nurse moved the bed away and got a chair for me to hold her, once I held her, her rates normalized.  Poor baby, just wanted to go home, we were there for about 2 hrs, she had to be able to keep liquids down and to keep her oxygen level up while sleeping.
At first she didn't want to drink but I told her once she drank the juice she could go home, sure enough that worked.
Once home, she threw up once, that scared me more than it phased her...I think once she slept off the anesthesia she was fine. 
During the next week, the main hurdles we had to deal with was, pain, fever, getting her to drink, and choking on saliva when she slept.
Every day she improves, her voice was a bit off at first, but it's getting back to her normal as time goes on.  Her appetite is improving as well,  she wouldn't eat ice cream or popsicle, she would eat jello.  But as the nurse I talked to, said, drinking was more important than anything else.

Wearing her red tutu for surgery
this is a copy of the picture outside the surgery center, I didn't get a chance to take one with my own camera.

all gowned up

Cobbler even got a hat

mommy in her bunny suit ready with Megan and Cobbler

Megan, right after surgery, very swollen and groggy

resting at home, she wanted to go downstairs to be with the family so we made a little couch bed

after surgery, the nurses made cobbler look like megan

getting her color back

guilt gift, aka get well gift from mommy and daddy

All the thoughts, prayers and well wishes were truly felt, she is doing much better, and we pray that this will help her immensely.  Our biggest reassurance came from the surgeon, she said, "we were here for the right reason, her tonsils were big and her adenoids were HUGE"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tiger scouts

This year my little man decided to join the boy scouts. He is a Tiger scout this year.  Ian is super excited and LOVES to wear the uniform.  The other night was his first night at going door-to-door selling popcorn.  Thankfully, we can sell to our far away friends and family via the website.  So if you all want some popcorn from my little boy scout, the website is:
his ID #  15152873  or you can let me know and I can possibly ship to you.

"Hi, my name is Ian, I'm selling popcorn to help raise money for my pack, would you like some?"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ballet party

This past weekend Megan was invited to her best pal's ballet birthday party.  This was the first time Megan was exposed to a semi real ballet class.   She did her best and loved every minute of it. She was the only one there that had never been to ballet class before.
A ballet craft

Megan with her best friend, Autumn.

These were the best tasting cupcakes ever...with the retro ballerinas

Ballerinas going to the class

my prima ballerina and her other best friend Casey

trying her best

looks pretty good here

fluttering around

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of 1st grade

Now that Ian is in his 3rd week of 1st grade, I guess I had better get going on this post before I forget about it completely. 
This year was completely different from last year. 1. no tears from mommy 2. he was going to be gone ALL day. 3. we both already knew people from last year 4. he was going to eat lunch at school. 5. he lines up in the back of the school with the other big kids.
He wasn't even phased, except for that he asked if he had school every day, or just one or two days a week and that he wanted to know if he had Open Gym like during summer vacation.
His daddy had to go to work early that day, so he couldn't walk him to school, or at least we all thought, until he drove up just as we were getting shoes on to get out the door.  :)

Traditional 1st day of school pose

Someone had to have her picture taken too

walking off to the 1st day

boy with his daddy

he was super excited to be at school, we were rather early

some serious talking going on

one last look back at mommy

ready, set, LEARN