Monday, May 23, 2011

Kindergarten class of 2011

Today was Ian's kindergarten graduation. Having a graduation ceremony for kindergarten is a new concept to me, but having a little guy who is just finishing up his first year of school....I needed it.  I needed to say good-bye to a few mommy friends who are not returning to Arrowwood next year.  I'm sure this was a bigger deal to the parents than the kids.  The whole gym was filled to the brim with parents and extended families...and I didn't get the e-mail saying that they upped the graduation time from 9:30 to 9:10. So Paul missed the procession...and I missed taping it since I was a dork and couldn't figure out the record button in time. (Yet another horrible mommy moment I get to live with)
But I did see and will forever remember seeing the joy in his face when he saw me as he walked by.
Paul did make it and was able to tape the more important parts of the I sat there and enjoyed the moment.  I was too far back to take any decent still shots of him, I did sneak up to the side (like a lot of other parents) to snap him going up to his teacher and telling what he wants to be when he grows up.
My little graduate...not the best picture of me

Ian with one of his buddies

Last day of school pose

Graduation-little stinker talking in line

Ian...what do you want to be when you grow up?

"A space man" (there were also lots of boys wanting to be ninjas)

Ian with Mrs Hausmann...the lady who jump started Ian's education

Party time

Ian with his daddy

the mommies!!  we met the first day of school, and have been meeting at drop off/pick up ever since

walking out-now a 1st grader

the sons of the mommies

where did logan go???

I thought I was sad when I dropped Ian off 9 months ago, but today I was just a tad sadder today...he is growing up too fast.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing projects

For Mother's Day, I decided to take advantage of a great Costco deal....a new computerized Brother sewing machine.  I've been wanting/needing a sewing machine for a while.  This was really a good deal so I splurged on myself and bought it.
I've made a few things, and even re-hemmed Paul's pants, poor guy has had to have me hand hem his pants.

I found a cute (seemingly simple dress for Megan, I'm a bit rusty from my Junior High Home-ec class), and I even made Megan a Wonder Woman cape without a pattern!!
dress I made...not sure what the heck this pose is about

Wonder Woman


Finishing her turn

The New Do

Before-super long

New and improved

Let's hope this helps with the tangles

Short and sassy

Friday, May 6, 2011

George and Gracie

For about a month or so we've have had a pair of ducks come in our backyard to graze, not sure how we got chose but i've been enjoying the mallards. Since ducks are monogamous creatures and since they've been coming morning and night for a while, and since it is just who I am...I named them.
Meet George and Gracie me, Gracie, well she acts just like the real Gracie Allen!!
It is really difficult to get a great shot of them

walking up hill

Eating near the kids mud pies they made
The other night George gave me quite the scare, for some reason he decided he was going to fly right into our glass door...there was a tiny spot of blood on our deck, but he flew off, later on he did return. (seriously, i worry about my ducks!)  Then last night no show, just Gracie...but tonight he came, WHEW!!!  Gracie must have had a lovers quarrel. Paul thinks i'm nuts, but I love my ducks. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tea party Megan style

Last week Megan and I had a tea party in her room after her bath.  Such a sweet little girl who loves all things little...her latest obsession is Lala-loopsie, if you don't know what that is, well just turn on Sprout channel and I'm positive you'll come across a commercial for it.  Here is Miss Megan's tea party.
The attendees:  Lalaloopsie, Strawberry shortcake and My Little Pony

Delicious treats were served

Just for fun we invited BIG Lalaloopsie!

...and Mimi Bear

Trying to get the girls to stand up...what was in that tea???

someone loves her lalaloopsie

More tea???

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hula hula

A few years ago my parents went to Hawaii and got the grand-daughters hula skirts that came with coconut bras, a shell necklace and a flower for their hair.  Since Megan was still tiny when they came, I just saved it for her. Well she discovered it...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ian's tooth

Over the weekend Ian lost his first tooth.  This little tooth (his first one to get at the tender age of 10months) has been loose for quite a while.  Just this past week or so, we had noticed that his adult tooth was already popping up behind it, so we really needed him to get busy and pop that sucker out. The problem....Ian was terribly upset over it hurting.  So I got some tooth numbing medication and some gauze to help grasp it.
I noticed on Friday (during our nightly inspection of the tooth) and told him that I would bet money that it was going to come out at some point during the weekend. 
While at JoAnn's I found a little tooth fairy pillow kit for him to assemble and perhaps give him incentive to start wiggling in earnest. He did begin to use his tongue to start pushing it...the little tooth was totally crooked.  Finally after church, I applied the numbing medicine and told him I wanted him to lie on my lap and I would give just one try.  Well, he started to give a major fuss, but I had managed to get a hold on it, he jerked his head, and I noticed I was holding the tooth and he was still crying!!!  I told him that his tooth was out...I do believe he was in shock.  He continued to cry because he was now bleeding...that that soon stopped and realization set in.  His first tooth was finally out and he was ready to have a visit from the tooth fairy. 
The tooth fairy was quite generous and gave him a whole dollar bill!

Before-tooth still hanging on...barely 

just needing a good yank!

Finally out...and the new tooth already popping up

A new smile!!