Monday, June 28, 2010

where is the time going?

It seems like the days are just flying by. I can't believe how long i have let lapse from my last post.   Where to begin???
We have been super busy with mini adventures here and there.  We met this wonderful couple, at our church, who have a son just about Ian's age.  The boys get along pretty well...for the most part.  The past few months we have been on a few family hikes with them.
The first one was Lair O' the Bear- a beautiful location just 20 minutes away. It wasn't too bad,  it has this beautiful stream that runs along it, and as we read on a sign it actually runs into the Gulf of Mexico, crazy i know!!!

 waiting for our fellow hikers at Lair O' the Bear trail

 Time for a snackie...Ian, Teddy, and Megan

 Yep, that's Ian, nuff said
Miss Megan even too cute for nature hikes.

After this hike, little Miss Megan became rather sick...what i thought was just allergies developed into a serious bout of strep, and that turned into a sinus infection with the start of a double ear infection. 1 trip to Urgent Care, 1 trip to our own Pediatrician and 2 different antibiotics later...she is just fine, Thank God....that was a really Loooooooong week.
 Megan got over her illness just in time for Father's day. We decided to do all of our fun Daddy Day stuff on Saturday, to try to avoid crowds.  And it just so happened that "Toy Story 3" opened that weekend.  I found us a theater not too far away that was only $5/person. So i treated us to movies, popcorn, and soft pretzels. We loved that movie...i never laughed or cried so hard in a movie. The kids enjoyed it as well.
After the movie we drove to downtown Littleton, and tried a new restaurant for lunch....Paul found out that it had Monte Cristo sammies....not nearly as good as the ones at the Blue Bayou, but they also weren't nearly as pricey as the admission to Disneyland. (let's face it, no one has better Monte Cristo sammies than the Blue Bayou).
then we walked around downtown is very much like downtown San Luis Obispo...that made us feel more at home.

That brings us to this weekend...first we went on another family hike with our new friends...this one was called Hell's hole, in the mountains.  I was a little worried about the drive up...narrow, dirt road with high cliffs on one side.  I nearly peed my pants i was so paranoid. i was also worried about the name of this trail...."hell's hole"?????  But we didn't do the whole 7 mile trail...actually we just did the part that leads up to the trail.  and had a nice picnic after wards.  Our friends were so generous, they allowed me to borrow their backpack for Megan...the last hike i had to carry Megan on my shoulders most of the way. The backpack helped quite a bit, it made me feel like one of those professional hikers, you know those people who have all THAT gear with them, while you just walk by with your bottle of desani water.

 Ian in a grove of aspens
The three kiddos near the end of our hike
A columbine....our state flower

Then on Sunday, our friends from Santa Maria, came in for a day to visit/rest along their way to Ohio. We just allowed our kids to play and run around...then we ate at CiCi's pizza, nothing beats a nice family friendly-and inexpensive place.  After that, we went swimming at their hotel.  We had a blast spending that time with them...we sure do miss their company.  
And now....i need to get us all ready and packed up for our trip to Kentucky and Ohio. Paul has already booked us a hotel in Kansas and we have plans to spend some time in St Louis, MO.  I can't blog: Our trip

*Yes, Ian IS wearing the same shirt, but different bottoms and he got his own army hat for the second hike. That kid just adores his Army clothes his daddy buys him