Friday, May 21, 2010

May happenings

May is just going by so many things have been going on, and the weather has been so nice that i have been rather lazy about posting it all.
I have about 3 weekends to cover here, lots of pictures and events to go through, please stay with me.
First we were able to get 2 fruit Gala apple and an Elephant heart plum.  

 My boys planting a tree
The next day was Mother's Day...with a few hiccups here and there, we made it to church with a few minutes to spare. Then headed to Nono's Cafe for my Mother's Day breakfast.  Ahh, it was so yummy, i had a breakfast burrito that was topped with cheese and country sausage gravy...sound weird but it is GOOD.  Everyone else had french toast...with bites of mine. 

Mother's Day-eating at Nono's Cafe

My kids had several homemade goodies for me (and they were all free for us to do). First ones made the last weekend of April at Michael's, we were actually unaware of this activity when we went in.  The kids (and mom and dad) made these foamy/play dough like magnets.
The first weekend of May was HomeDepot's craft. That one was my favorite one...while i looked at trees and other garden stuff, Paul and the kids put together these cute planters for me.   Later on, the kids picked some flowers to plant in them.  

My mother's day magnets the kids made for me at Michael's craft store, the top one is Megan's and the bottom one is Ian's.

 the flower planters the kids made at HomeDepot

boys couch, Daddy, Ian and Ziggy

The day after Mother's Day, both kids ended up getting sick. I was feeling not so well myself, but probably from the lack of sleep. Megan had it first, she woke up in the middle of the night (why is it always in the middle of the night?) with a fever of 102-103. The next day Ian wasn't feeling too spry himself. I spent the day alternating Motrin and Tylenol and applying cold washcloths to feverish foreheads .  No other real symptoms appeared. I kept checking for signs of strep, Neither of them ever complained for sore throats.
I did have a problem with Megan wetting her bed a few times...most likely from all the fluids i kept pushing. 
The illness didn't last too long, and the want to get up and play was keeping them from resting.  To top things off we had another quick snow storm. Which had me worried about our newly planted trees and newly leafed out Maple in the front yard. If you could only see me in my fuzzy pink bathrobe and snow boots trying to shake off snow from our trees. 
my poor sick baby girl
my kids feeling better...Sullivan's to the core. Olives on the fingers, cherries that is something

The following weekend, all of us were wanting to go outside and get some fresh air. It was nice to have such a warm sunny day to enjoy. We washed the car, then headed back to the Littleton Museum, they were having a Spring Planting activity...not knowing what exactly to expect we headed there to enjoy the "Dry" weather.  Megan and I got things ready to have lunch outside...the boys joined us later on.  Sometimes it is just nice to enjoy ourselves in our own house/backyard.

Megan enjoying our picnic outside

Paul(with Ian's help) surprised us all with his culinary expertise in making red, white and blue jello parfaits. They were as good as they looked. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Thinking about Mother's Day...I wanted to share some of my favorite "Mom" moments.  One of my favorite mom's is this lady...Jeanette Bartel, my grandma or better known as Mimi. She was a classy lady, who loved us unconditionally. I miss her terribly.

I'm completely in love with these older pictures of Mimi...she was so elegant, she made that terrible time of history (WWII) look desirable.
This is how i know Mimi...sitting on the couch typical of us.
One of the first moments I held Ian...I was forever a mommy.

My first "official" mother's day...don't let that smile confuse you, keeping a baby quiet and entertained while you eat is no easy task.  It might have been easier to get take out.  To any "new" mother out there, don't stress over baby tears in restaurants, it happens...and don't let grumpy people around you ruin your meal. (that's happened to me a few times)

This was a great moment in my best friend coming with her baby to see me and my baby...hard to believe that that little boy Michelle is holding is 6 and my little guy is 5.
I was never so proud in my life but to return to that same loving couch with my baby so Mimi could hold him.
What more could i ask for....a GIRL!!!! Oh the times we'll have, tea parties, playing with dolls, and SHOPPING.

And to be able to have Megan Jeanette to be held by her namesake, well that was just frosting on the cake for me, too bad that was the last time.
Some mother's days are just bittersweet. Here my mama is trying to look happy...underneath she is choking back tears, know that her baby and her grandbabies are moving to Colorado. I miss you too Mama
Being a mom is tough get barfed on, peed on, poo'd on, you mend scaped knees, broken hearts, you cook, clean, you laugh with, cry with. You find that little voice in the middle of the night calling for you. You'll gladly have a homemade card and gift over a store bought one any day. You're excited over the first time you hear "Mama" but wonder when they'll be quiet.
I once heard a quote when talking about motherhood. "The days are long but the years are short"
Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's who are in my life. I love you all...and you all are great mommy's.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We recently discovered the kids love artichokes, or as Megan calls them chokes. Often, when asking them what they want for dinner, she wants "chokes" but we don't always have them or the time to cook them, but when we do she is excited. This past weekend we were eating them, i happen to look over at Megan who was nearly done with her half of the artichoke (Ian and Megan share a big one) and i see that she has barely scraped the flesh off of some of them. I offer some help, so i tell her to re-bite it...then i notice how her gappy smile affects her eating.

Happily eating artichokes...
This is what her gappy teeth do to an artichoke...
I love your smile baby girl
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