Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving party

Today was Ian's school party to celebrate Thanksgiving.  They sang songs about turkeys, showed us all the thanksgiving day projects they had been working on, and had some delicious treats to share.  Megan enjoyed herself, but she always likes going to see the classroom, the other children and Mrs Hausmann.
Ian's candle centerpiece
A little book colored by Ian

Hi mommy(thinking, wow you came AND you are sitting in my chair)

Let's all wave to the paparazzi

showing those turkey feathers

thinking, thinking, thinking

"why not serve a chicken pot pie?"

Turkeys run, run, run

If your thankful and you know stomp your feet

Treat time

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary

9 years ago today, Paul and I, surrounded by a few family members and some close friends, said, "I, do."  9 years ago, we didn't know what the future was going to hold, we just knew that we wanted to hold each other for the rest of our lives.
It wasn't a spectacular wedding by far, I didn't have the fluffy white wedding gown, I didn't have my dad walk me down the aisle, we didn't have a huge reception filled with music, food, and 100s of our nearest and dearest, we didn't have a first dance, or a dance with my dad...we had a quickly arranged church wedding, I wore a blue dress that I wore to my graduation, I had 3 beautiful red roses with blue irises. We had a dinner with all that came to the wedding, even a small wedding cake, we had one night at a Pismo Beach hotel for a honeymoon.  Most importantly we had each other...in the end, that's all you really need.  For a while,it seemed we spent more years apart on our anniversaries than together, but I think we are finally going in the positive direction, and that is a good feeling.
Babe-I love you more!  thanks for staying by my side through the good and the bad.
Happy 9th Anniversary

9 yrs ago today, we said "I do"

Our wedding dinner at "Steamers" in Pismo Beach

After 5 years of marriage we finally got to have a "wedding"

So happy

Sorry I don't have a gift for you this year, but I wanted to tell you that I love you just the same.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween weekend

I'm telling you, I'm not too sure I enjoy having Halloween fall on Sunday or not.  It was one busy weekend, starting with Friday, after Ian's party we did tons of running around...Costco, Homedepot, taking Ziggy to the vets for his vaccinations...we were invited to a party at a co-worker of Paul's but we managed to stay an hour due to kiddos nearly falling asleep at this guys house.
Saturday we had a smallish project to finish in the yard and then Paul was off to get a haircut. While he and Ian were gone, Megan and I made some cupcakes (I felt badly they didn't have any at Ian's party).  When they got back we carved pumpkins, this year Ian was able to carve his own, he didn't care too much for getting the guts out, but did a great job too.
Later that night we were invited to our neighbors for a Halloween party...it was a blast.  And I even made it through her haunted house I helped with.
Sunday night we trick or treated with the neighborhood kids...I think that really got the kids into the spirit of Halloween...except for some of those scary houses, Megan refused to go up to those doors.

Daddy helping with the guts

Daddy with the kiddos

Megan getting into the guts

Daddy getting Ian's pumpkin ready to carve

Ian busy at carving

See this is what you use

Me and the kiddos ready to trick or treat

family shot

fluttering about like Tink

Megan and her best pal Autumn

The neighborhood gang

Megan conferring with Casey about costumes

the three amigos

Now the group is ready to trick or treat

amazing sunset

Next house

Our pumpkins

Halloween Party

Luckily, Ian's school party landed on Paul's day off, so we both volunteered to help out, and to makes things even better Miss Megan could join us in her Tinkerbell costume.  She was just happy to be able to go inside Ian's classroom but to wear her costume, just sent her through the moon. And Mr Ian, well he is always happy to have his mom and dad see his class.
His party wasn't what I remembered having in school, but times are changing and we are in a different area.  Besides volunteering my time, I supplied some treats for the goody bags, (I had to make sure there was something fun for his party, right?)
His party was organized by the mom of the kid who is allergic to just about everything fun...I guess I would have done the same if my child was allergic to anything.  Anyway, there was no cupcakes, cookies or punch.  It was organized fun...the children after having a costume parade through the first and second grade classes, they had different stations to rotate through.  1. craft station where they colored a bookmark, 2. tattoo station-glow in the dark eyeballs. 3. fishing station-fishing for goody bags. 4. snack station-baby carrots, orange slices, mini pumpkin muffins and a capri-sun.  (someone did sneak in rice krispie treats for them at the end of the day)
I think we were ending the 2nd rotation when a fire alarm went off...so we had to stop the party and head out doors. Thank GOD it wasn't snowing!!!  When Paul was signing us out, he found out someone made popcorn for breakfast and it burnt.  At least it wasn't an arbitrary drill.
The kids had fun...despite no cupcakes or cookies!!!

Ian with his little girl friend Miss Abby

Mrs Hausmann had each child come up and tell what they were

You're  Bumblebee?  Are you good or bad?

"Well, I need to get out more, I haven't seen that movie."

Craft station

busy coloring his bookmark

helping Megan make one too


let's go fishing

this little one is happiest when eating

He decided he wanted to eat at his own desk.

Mrs H and Ian...her costume was great, a giant apple!

The music started and so did this one, she loves to boogey

two bumblebees...just so happens that they are friends, (ours is on the end)

Happy Halloween Kindie class of 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harvest time and Estes Park

Okay, finally getting into Fall here.  Whew!!!  October was no exception to the craziness.  Illness swept over our house yet again.  Poor Megan had maybe a week without fevers. We took her into our Pediatricians after she developed a rash....the doctor swabbed both kiddos and both had Strep!!!  What a fun way to spend Ian's Fall break! Two different antibiotics for 10 days wasn't as bad as it could have been. Both kids did great taking their meds.  But Ian proclaimed, next time we take Megan into the doctors, he WILL NOT get swabbed.
I haven't even had a chance to get their flu shots this year...
Despite not having a great place to go find produce or cute pumpkins, we found a few Harvest festivals to walk around at, and they were free!!!
We missed going to the mountains for Fall Colors, but we did manage a trip to Estes Park for the day, followed with dinner with our friends from Santa Maria, who just moved to Boulder.
On a covered wagon

Walking around a small Harvest Festival...I got stopped twice with people telling me they went to Cal Poly too

Navigating the hay maze

Ian is a pro at hay mazes

Playing in the hay pile-not my idea, but Paul told me to relax and let them have fun

So I did

Ian about ready to receive a handful of hay on his head by some stranger

Megan loved getting her face painted by a real Rodeo princess

Trying to pick a pumpkin

I like this one daddy

Family shot (plus a kid in a skeleton sweater) with pumpkins

carrying them back to the car

little one for our "little bit"

Estes Park- Elk own that town

ready to see some nature

Famous Stanley Hotel-the haunted hotel where Stephen King wrote "the shining"

Snow bunnies

Fresh air and Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory makes these kids giddy

Megan is a ham

it's cold, lets hurry up to the car

Family shot

would have been a nice shot but can't find Megan anywhere!!!