Monday, March 28, 2011

Megan's 4th birthday-family edition

A week ago, was Megan's actual birthday, I had saved all of her family gifts for that day (I like to spread the love).  Daddy came home earlier than normal, surprised Megan with 2 princess birthday balloons. We allowed her to open her presents. Then, we took our little lady, along with Ian to Megan's favorite place to eat...Chick-fil-a.  After a scrumptious dinner of  chicken nuggets and fruit cups, we had some self serve frozen yogurt.  Came home and sang happy birthday with a left over cupcake.
She got some great gifts, lots of barbie's, a Tangled doll, and nightgown, her #4 Precious moments figurine, and a baby carriage.
Waiting for daddy to come home to open all of my gifts

what this?!? A special gift from daddy????

oh, oh, oh...look BALLOONS FOR ME!!!!

Thank you daddy


Barbie washer and dryer from mommy and daddy

This was probably one of her favorite gifts, thanks Auntie Liz and Uncle Sean

a Tangled night gown...she could hardly wait to wear it.

Fashion Barbie...same outfit she wore on her birthday by the way

A dress from Grammy and Pop-be perfect my cousin's wedding this summer

Happy birthday to you...

Make a wish!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 4th birthday Megan

Megan did in fact turn 4 this past time flies by too quickly.  Last Saturday we had a smallish party with just her favorite girls in attendance. It was a nice princess themed party, we had asked the girls to come in their favorite dress up clothes...knowing my girly and her pals, that is one of their favorite things to do.  We played a few games, birthday bingo and pin Cinderella in the Castle (even Ian played that game)
Per the birthday gal's request we had just a few snack items on the menu, strawberries, carrots and chips and dip.  (this was actually altered from her request of strawberries and cheetos)
Then we had princess pink cupcakes and sang "happy birthday"...after which the girls gathered in our basement and played with the play kitchen.  Then she opened her gifts from her friends (I saved the family gifts for her actual birthday).  It was a blast, and was told, "it was the best birthday ever!!"

Birthday girl all dressed up

pose with the Princess game

Just waiting for my guests to arrive

Megan with her friends Autumn and Jada

Megan with one of her besties

The entire gang, Autumn, Jada, Megan and Casey

Princess cupcakes, made with love by her Mama

Happy birthday baby girl!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Megan's stories

Lately (okay actually for about a month or so) Megan has been coming up with stories.  These stories are usually about her "Grandpa" "Grandma" or "sister"  I put quotes around the names because, she calls my dad Pop, my mom Grammy, and Paul's mom is Nana...and she has no sister.
But at any rate, i sorta love these little stories.  They come at random times of the day.  Like during Valentine's day, she proclaimed that her Grandpa was going to buy her the largest Valentine when she grows up.  Or if she's eating, she'll say "my Grandpa loves (fill in what ever she's eating at that time)"   My favorite is when, after hearing me tell her a story about my childhood she repeats it verbatim but tells me it is about her.
Now as far as her "sister"  her name is Megan Jeanette Avedissian, who is older, (age 6) and lives with her Grandparents.  She is a good girl and never has to go to her room and loves everything she does.
Paul had asked her if she wanted a sister (why do you ask when you know it can't happen???) and she said, yes, she wants an older sister. (????) 
I love my girly and her wild stories.