Thursday, February 17, 2011


This mo!!!" Seeing the perfect opportunity to teach, I asked her to tell me what the letters were on my shirt.  She starts C-A-L  P-O-L-Y.  I tell her it spells Cal Poly, the place where mommy and daddy met.  Then I showed her my class ring, I slipped it off and allowed her to try it on...I tell her how important that ring is, her Pop-pop has one, her mommy has one and her daddy has one.  And maybe if she likes, she can go there and get one too.  She was overwhelmed, mostly at the thought of getting a pretty ring.  But who knows, maybe in 14 years she'll want something different. But for now, I can dream and I can tell her about the legacy of the Poly ring.

Excitedly she told me "it fits me!!!"

a tiny ring on mommy, looks HUGE on my baby's fingers


I love the idea of going where my Pop went.