Thursday, December 15, 2011

labor of love

Being a stay at home mom...I try to make the things I do for my kids special.  I tend to feel guilty about not being a bread winner or at least help with bring income in.  So when I can, I like to help out in Ian's (soon to be Megan's) school.  For his Winter party (I detest having to say that, why cannot we call it a Christmas party anymore?) I had an idea of making Frosty the of those plans that looks better on paper, or at least someone else's website.  Let me back up and say that their party was the first thing in the morning (this is to help support working parents) and knowing that, I thought donuts...breakfasty yet very similar to a cookie.  I cannot have my kid thinking that all school parties are just fruit and muffins. Not that that isn't a good treat. I got the mini powdered sugar donuts, black frosting and used red M&Ms for the nose (Frosty the Snowman has a red nose....look it up if ya'll don't believe me)
Got up extra early, thinking it would probably take me 5 min tops to put a couple dots of frosting and a red M&M in the middle. UMMM NOPE,  I nearly stroked out doing this.  Lesson learned 1) don't try something new right before you need it done 2) frosting doesn't stick easily to powdered sugar 3) wetting the donut helps a lot.
But I did get to use my cupcake holder for the first real time.  The sole purpose of getting it was so I could be the cupcake mama.  Did the kids really care if they all looked the same....NOPE. 

So, what does one do with extra green M&M's?  Wait, no...I have that one covered. ;)

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