Tuesday, February 7, 2012

catch up...again

Not sure why I do this to myself, but it seems I can never be really consistent with posting. It isn't like I don't want to, nor do I not enjoy everyone else's blog, I look forward to others' blogs.  So here goes another blog of make up posts.  I'm guessing I can skip Christmas and go straight for Ian's birthday.  If you really want to hear about Christmas, make a comment and I'll consider it.
Ian did in fact made it to 7...not sure how that happened.  Since he already has enough toys to last a lifetime, and I had zero energy level for a party, and his birthday was the first day back from Christmas break, we decided to just have a family celebration. No complaints from him.   We did take him out to eat at his choice (Cici's pizza) and have a cake.  We then planned to take him bowling with one of his friends, but had to postpone because he was sick.   I cannot tell you how nice it is, not to have to plan a real party with tons of kids.  We don't have the space in the house...I might invite his best school buds to the house during the summer for a post school year party.   More updates to come.
Happy 7th birthday Ian!!!

Ian wanted Speed racer for his cake...my homemade version

Blowing out the candle


  1. Yay nice to see an update! Happy belated bday to Ian too! Family celebrations are the best in my book. :)

    Stay safe over there- that's a crazy amount of snow you're getting!

    1. I hear ya on the 'trying to keep up with the blog' woes! Fun update! Happy belated b-day to Ian! Can't believe our kiddos are already celebrating their 7 year b-days! Crazy!

    2. i know...where did the 7 yrs go? Thanks ladies for the happy belated b-day wishes, every comment makes me go on to do another blog.