Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ian's big week

It seems that last week was Ian's big week of events...sorta over shadowed my birthday, but not really caring about turning the big 3-5...in fact, if I could still have my kids and be 10 yrs younger I would.  But this blog isn't about me, it's about Ian.
1. he lost his first upper tooth (his 3rd tooth total). This tooth hung on for a super long time, so long that we started coming up with new nick names for him, like Mator, snaggle tooth, or asking him if he wants to live with his Uncle Sean in Kentucky. I would bribe him to let me wiggle it or to try to pull it.  FINALLY, he laid his in my lap, I grabbed it with gauze and Paul placed his super cold hand on his tummy, he jerked away giggling and out it came.  HURRAY!!!

finally it's out!!!
2. Ian had his cub scout soap box derby and placed 3rd place!!  He raced his Speed Racer car. (again with the Speed racer)
3rd place for speed
Go Speed Racer, Go!!!

 3. On my actually birthday, Ian participated in his first science fair. it was pretty extensive, they needed a hypothesis, research, data...His was making a battery out of fruit. We thought that the lemon and pineapple would work, while the apple wouldn't.  Well actually we were wrong, only the apple created enough volts to run the digital clock. They all had to present it, and answer questions. At the end, everyone received a certificate, a ribbon and a airplane glider.
There is a budding scientist amongst us

It was quite a few days for Ian, we are super proud of everything he does of course, but when he goes above and beyond the call of duty, our pride overflows.

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